Roadside sculpture by Mauro Stacchio near the Riserva and Volterra

Photograph : Guiseppe Milo


The existing wine production can easily be increased since there are further areas offering ideal soil conditions suitable for expansion and planting vines within the Riserva. The grounds have been inspected and approved by an “agro-economista” who has identified the various additional areas for expansion. Not least, the existing vineyards, which have not yet been planted to full capacity. In this area, there are current trends towards developing more specific “boutique” vineyards. The Reserva vineyards have a very rare and historic natural mineral inherent in the soil giving the wine a unique and distinct flavour. The mineral is ALUM, which not only protects the vines from disease, but brings great character and flavour to the viniculture. As far as it is known, the Riserva is the only area in Italy where there is a viniculture on Alum soil.


The wine has not yet been registered as a commercial production. Achieving this license would present the opportunity for a potentially lucrative commercial wine production, creating a viable export market, in particular to Japan, where interest in this production has already been noted.


The calm and peaceful environment of the Riserva lends itself to a number of different uses and some Leisure industry possibilities include : Nature trails, camping holidays (yurts), holiday accommodation. wildlife photography, painting holidays/cooking holidays /horse and pony trekking, cycle trails and perhaps incorporating a brand of upmarket luxury holiday accommodation utilising and restoring the existing habitable footprints. Perhaps a “Well Being” spa and retreat, Fitness and health/Yoga centre./ Meditation Centre.


All these commercial ventures would embrace, and benefit from, the special qualities the Riserva has to offer and could therefore be explored and ideas developed. Any proposals should be put forward for consideration and approval to the local planning offices.


Potentially a fantastic venue for Wedding Receptions/Wine tastings/Corporate meetings/Open air concerts / Open air theatre /Local Produce Promotion /Food and Wine festivals...to name a few possibilities.




Of course, there is no doubt that this glorious estate would present the perfect opportunity to create a magnificent private residence situated in the most sublime location imaginable. A proposal for a sizeable principal Villa, with Gate house, swimming pool, tennis courts and guest accommodation has already been initiated, and there are detailed draft plans available. A new design proposal could also be considered.




The peaceful and tranquil ambience of this beautiful Riserva may also have a strong appeal to someone wishing to find an idyllic and unspoilt corner of Tuscany in which to enjoy the perfect private hideaway. Somewhere to indulge a passion and appreciation for Tuscan nature at its unspoilt best. Here, in this magnificent private landscape, an abundance of natural wildlife, flora and fauna provides the most perfect backdrop, a haven, and an opportunity to escape from the modern world. Somewhere to relax, to observe, to revive and regenerate the soul.


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